Hiddo Research and Development Center

ABOUT Hiddo Research and Development Center

Hiddo Research and Development Center (HRDC) is a consulting, training, research and development organization.  The center is a professional firm which plays a key role in research, training, consulting and business development with experts and experienced consultants. The center was established 2021. The main office is situated in Abduwak Galguduud Somalia.

HRDC established with the aim to create a first class integrated services structure by providing support and consulting service in the development and growth business & banks, education and government institutions.

HRDC unites a network of professionals with extensive hands-on experience managing and implementing a diverse array of research assignments in the region. Our experts bring to the table years of collective knowledge executing comprehensive monitoring and evaluation projects, and are well-versed in the highest industry standards for ethical research.

HRDC is expected to become one of the most successful training and consulting firm by helping many non-governmental and governmental organizations. The center is committed to serve its clients with integrity, honesty and openness.


To become the most respected professional development, research, strategy and innovation improvement center in Somalia.


To enhance professional development research, consulting, in-house, training, business organization strategy (governmental and non-governmental) with practical inspiring development program.


Our philosophy is to be "one step ahead ' in order to offer our clients the latest tools and techniques as a gateway to the future of development and knowledge transfer.

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